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There are three levels in the Volunteer Incentive Program. You can complete up to two levels in one semester. You must begin with Bronze. For more information, please refer to the VIP handbook at

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Each VIP level must be completed in one semester, with the exception of Gold, which can be completed in two (2) semesters.

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I {{answer_1017640}} attest that all recorded information above and all subsequent information that is passed in for the VIP is accurate and true. I understand that it is my responsibility to know and understand the requirements of the VIP level that I am completing, along with all rules and regulations outlined in the Volunteer Handbook (available here:

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Access to Information and Protection of Privacy
The information on this form is collected under the authority of the Memorial University Act (RSNL 1990 Chapter M-7) and is
used for the purposes of program administration. Questions about this collection and use of personal information may be directed
to the Office of the Dean, Student Affairs and Services at 709-864-7595.
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